The highly experienced IntoAqua staff have been involved in a range of commercial systems and projects over a 30 year period

Our Experience

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Current Projects

Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development – Western Australia

Ross Briggs/Guy Westbrook – Hatchery Concept to Detailed Design and System Operation Review,
Bill of Materials and Equipment Lists

  • Full review of current system and practises review in line with Best Aquaculture Practise, Animal Welfare standards and Industry Standards.
  • Redesign hatchery and nursery in line with above review and stakeholder guidance including
    • Equipment and system upgrades
    • Process management
    • Broodstock systems
    • Hatchery Systems
    • Grow out systems
  • Concept and detailed CAD design for new RAS hatchery systems
Huon Aquaculture

Ross Briggs – Lead Design, Layout

Biofilter Redesign for their Springfield RAS to Increase capacity of their oldest hatchery using
Moving Bed technology.

Completed Projects

CSIRO Victoria
  • Water quality sampling and review for use in holding systems
  • Remediation actions
  • Equipment recommendations to optimise water quality for research purposes
Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies

Stephen Ley – Lead Design, Layout, Budgeting, Installation

Into Aqua were contracted by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) to install a bank
of 13 x 4m3 tanks to hold lobsters and scallops at Taroona. The ‘flow through’ system is to be used
for the research on the effects of seismic activity on this valuable fisheries resource.

IMAS required the system to be up and running in a quick turnaround and Into Aqua were able to
provide the desired results. System works were undertaken and seamlessly integrated without any
disturbance to normal day to day operations of the IMAS site.

Our team were able to provide a host of services including civil works, HDPE electrofusion plumbing,
the addition of external PVC standpipes and PVC floor grates. Aeration was also provided via a
double stage side channel blower.  The animals in the system are now provided with beautifully
clean water from the southern ocean and valuable data is being collected.

Red Rock Lobster

Stephen Ley/Ross Briggs/Guy Westbrook – Equipment Layout, Installation

Reference: Mr Ian Heathorn, Company Director.

In 2021 Into Aqua was selected by Redrock Lobster to assist in the upgrade and expansion of their existing southern rock lobster live holding system.

Into Aqua assisted by installing critical system components including holding tanks, biofiltration, 10 pumps, 2 blowers, oxygen and ozone generators and all the plumbing of the system. The Into Aqua team continues to assist Redrock to further improve their operations.

Sanford RAS Hatchery

Ross Briggs/Guy Westbrook – Lead Design, Layout

  • Fish transporting design and layout for large scale RAS
  • System concept layout options

True South Seafood
  • System Appraisal and Review
UTAS IMAS Biofilter Remediation

Ross Briggs – Lead Design – Stephen Ley/Guy Westbrook – Installation, Project Management

Into Aqua were contacted to refit an existing biofilter at the Experimental Aquaculture Facility at UTAS. This system is the largest Research RAS in Tasmania for Salmon. The Moving Bed Bio Biofilter had been causing issues for some time due to poor initial design and construction – including overflowing and the screen blocking. We re-engineered the internals of the filter to our own bespoke requirements ensure the screen would not block up again. We also arranged for all the media to be removed and replaced into the tank.

Due to the research requirements, the system was shut down for only a brief window to allow this to happen – so communication with other contractors and UTAS staff was essential. The system was installed on time and on budget and at the standard required by the client. 

Quote: Andrew Thompson, Experimental Aquaculture Facility.

“A big thankyou to the Into Aqua team for completing the EAF MBBR over the last two days.

Very happy with how things went and happy to say the filter is back in action and has FAR more movement of the media than I have seen in the past 18 months.”

Other projects Into Aqua Staff have been involved with

Flow-through Barramundi Nursery System – Marine Produce Australia

Guy Westbrook: Concept Planning, Design, CAD, Project Management, Installation and Commissioning

Reference: Stephen Gill

System designed for rearing Barramundi juveniles from 0.25g to 40g.  Remote site with many installation challenges and large changes in elevation of water supply.  System included – inlet water filtration, alarm and monitoring systems, feeding systems, and fish handling pipework.

Flow-through hatchery upgrade – Nortas Pty Ltd

Guy Westbrook: Concept, Design, Project Management

Reference: Richard Doedens

Upgrade of Salmon and Trout hatchery facility to include improved filtration, heating and heat recovery, and degassing.

Flow-through smolt facility conversion from ponds to tanks. – Nortas Pty Ltd

Guy Westbrook: Concept, Design, Project Management

Reference:  Richard Doedens

Re-development of flow through ponds system to tank farm to include 

  • Drum filter inlet water filtration
  • Oxygenation injection and monitoring
  • installation of 20 x 50m3 tanks
  • 6 x 135m3 tanks
  • system monitoring and control.
Huon Aquaculture Bridport Selective Breeding Hatchery Upgrade

Ross Briggs: Concept Planning, Design, CAD, Project Management, Installation and Commissioning

Reference:  Simon Pitney, David Cahill

Dual system temperature-controlled hatchery.  Including:

Egg incubation

  • Fry Development Systems
  • First Feeding RAS
    • Drum filter
    • Biofilters
    • UV
    • Oxygen control
    • Feeding systems
  • Flow through upgrades
    • Oxygen Control
    • Feeding systems
Huon Aquaculture Broodstock System – Springfield

Ross Briggs: Concept Planning and Design, Development Approvals, Contractor Selection, Initial Construction

Reference: Simon Pitney

New Build

12 x 20m3 tank Chilled RAS Broodstock Facility

  • First in Tasmania
  • Fully Recycled System
  • Biofilter
  • Pumps
  • Tanks
  • UV
  • Drum filter
Huon Aquaculture Forest Home Facility

Ross Briggs: Project Management, Concept Planning and Design, Development Approvals, Contractor Selection, Initial Construction

Reference:  David Mitchell, David Morehead

Forest Home is a large freshwater RAS facility for production of Atlantic Salmon from incubation to smoltification.  The facility includes 2 x incubation systems, 12? X ??m3 tank first feeding and fry production system, and 12? X ??m3 tank system for smolt production.  The facility uses advanced waste water treatment and disposal of effluent water to irrigate fields for hay production.

Huon Aquaculture Meadowbank Growout Farm

Ross Briggs: Concept Planning, Design, CAD, Project Management, Installation and Commissioning

Reference:  David Cahill

Huon Aquaculture Springfield Hatchery Upgrade

Ross Briggs: Concept Planning, Design, CAD, Project Management, Installation and Commissioning

Reference:  David Cahill

Huon Aquaculture Whale Point Nursery

Ross Briggs: Concept Planning

Reference:  David Mitchell, David Morehead

Concept development for 600t biomass RAS facility for production of advanced Atlantic Salmon smolts – 450g to 1,000g.

RAS System for incubation and larval rearing of Atlantic Salmon – Nortas Pty Ltd

Guy Westbrook:  Concept, Supplier engagement, Project Management

Reference: Richard Doedens

Small RAS system to overcome problems of fish health during early production phases due to water quality issues.

Redrock Lobster ozonation system

Stephen Ley: Design, Project management, procurement, installation

Reference: Mr Ian Heathorn

Ozone treatment and disinfection of lobster holding facilities. Control and automation of ozone and oxygen.

Redrock Lobster Waste Water Treatment System

Stephen Ley – Lead Design, CAD and Project Management, Installation, contractor engagement

New Build

Reference: Mr Ian Heathorn

Design and install a wastewater treatment and disinfection system for Lobster production including

  • Solids removal
  • Pumping systems
  • Ozonation to disinfection
  • Automation of system/ tank fill, empty, ozonation
Tasmanian Salmon Commercial Eggs System

Ross Briggs – Lead Design, CAD, Project Management, Install and Commissioning

References:  Andrew Copland, Craig Selkirk

Design, installation and commissioning of system to support commercial selective breeding programme for Atlantic Salmon

UTAS – IMAS Fisheries Research Systems

Stephen Ley: Design, Construction, Equipment procurement

Reference: Assoc. Prof Jayson Semmens

Existing system extension and retrofit for research of southern rock lobster, sea urchins. 

8 tank system, Filtration

UTAS – IMAS Octopus RAS research system

Stephen Ley: Concept design, Project management,  Installation, construction

Reference: Assoc. Prof Jayson Semmens

Research RAS for investigation of effects of seismic activity on octopus fishery. 

280 tank rack and controlled system

Wellboat Fish Handling Systems

Guy Westbrook: Member of development team for design and construction of wellboat for freshwater treatment of Atlantic Salmon for amoebic gill disease.

Reference: Peter Bender

Development of original design scope for fish treatment capability.  Charter representative during fit out of vessel.  Integration of vessel into farm operations.