Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies

Our Experience

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Stephen Ley – Lead Design, Layout, Budgeting, Installation

Into Aqua were contracted by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) to install a bank
of 13 x 4m3 tanks to hold lobsters and scallops at Taroona. The ‘flow through’ system is to be used
for the research on the effects of seismic activity on this valuable fisheries resource.

IMAS required the system to be up and running in a quick turnaround and Into Aqua were able to
provide the desired results. System works were undertaken and seamlessly integrated without any
disturbance to normal day to day operations of the IMAS site.

Our team were able to provide a host of services including civil works, HDPE electrofusion plumbing,
the addition of external PVC standpipes and PVC floor grates. Aeration was also provided via a
double stage side channel blower.  The animals in the system are now provided with beautifully
clean water from the southern ocean and valuable data is being collected.