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Intoaqua work with a range of suppliers and manufacturers to secure the best possible price and solution for your project. We will always suggest the best option for your project.

Drum Filters

Intoaqua have partnered with CMAqua – suppliers of world leading drumfilters, beltfilters and fractionators

HEX Drum Filter Model F

A well proved design based on more than 30 Years of experience. Innovative solutions have made this filter type the preferred choice of filters in most fish farms, especially in RAS where reliability and low maintenance requirements are vital for the performance of the fish farm.

HEX Drum Filter Model X

New durable drum filter design, the HEX version X – A revolution in saltwater. The X-filter versions are made in corrosion free high-tech polymers. Innovative design based on 30 years of production using high tech polymers and high precision CNC machines have resulted in a drum filter suited to corrosive environments.

HEX Drum Filter Model SHIP

HEX in the ship version C with no cover is a drum filter with the drum mounted in an open frame for building into tanks on wellboats. The filter is specialised with drum holders for rough sea, ready for automatic disinfection by the ship tanks cleaning system, IP69 motor and extra heavy bearings.

HEX filters can be provided with filterpanels with mesh in stainless steel.

HEX Drum Filter Model SANI

HEX version SANI has the drum mounted in a tank with a connection for fast and easy installation.

The filter is specialised for easy disinfection with ultra-fast drain and easy full access to the drum. AISI316 IP66 motor and high flow connections.


HDPE, Plastic, fibreglass, concrete, steel – our staff have experience in design, construction and use of rectangular and round tanks from 100l to 400m3 for a variety of species and a variety of construction methods to suit your needs.

Fish Feeders

We can supply a variety of different feeding options to suit your project, whether it be drop in feeders, spreaders or centralised feeding systems.

UV Systems

There are a range of UV water disinfections solutions for your project – be it an intake system, RAS water quality maintenance or wastewater treatment. Talk to our helpful and qualified staff about the options.


Ozone is almost certainly required if you have an intensive recirculation system. We can supply advice and equipment for safe ozone generation, injection, control, monitoring and staff safety.


Oxygen is required to keep your fish alive. Discuss with us about the solutions we can offer to supply or generate oxygen along with injection and control within the fish tank.


There are many aeration methods and options available to suit your uplift, oxygenation, degassing or water movement needs – we have a solution to suit your project


With a vast array of pumps available talk to IntoAqua about the best option to suit your application – whether it is low head high volume or high pressure for controlled flow, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs


With a vast array of pumps available talk to IntoAqua about the best option to suit your application – whether it is low head high volume or high pressure for controlled flow, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs
Ratz Protein Skimmer

Ratz protein skimmers are efficient, ready to use protein skimmers with applicational use in aquaculture, aquaria and wastewater facilites.

Microbubbles injected by the Ratz venturi drives ensures caption and removal of excess proteins in the treated water column to provide high water quality.

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Suited for ozone
All Ratz protein skimmer models are suited with ozone injection points, off gas ventilation for treatment of excess ozone gas and a loop re-injecting degassed ozone from the foam chamber. Ozone improves coagulation and foam formation in the protein skimmer.

Ratz protein skimmers are installed on a wide range of aquaculture facilites and is currently operating to treat water in salt- and freshwater RAS and model trout farm systems, inlet water for flow through systems and as end of pibe treatment in fish processing plants.

  • Simple design allows for easy setup.
  • Non corrosive plastic materials
  • Individuel venturi drives designed for both fresh- and saltwater applications.
  • Ready for ozone injection.
  • Effective removal of fine particles
  • Large foam chamber ensures foam to collapse resulting in low water use for backwash.
  • Time or sensor controlled backwash system.
  • 7 sizes readily avilable.
  • Custom made skimmers on request, designed for desired flow and contact time.
  • Produced in Germany

Media Filters

We offer a range of different media filters and media to suit every application from intake water treatment to hatchery systems – we have all your needs covered

Monitoring Systems

Talk to our expert staff about the options we have

Water Testing

We have partnered with Lovibond in supplying world leading water testing equipment at great prices for you aquatic systems including

  • Photometers and testing reagents
  • Handheld Optical DO meters
  • Handheld multiparameter meters – temperature and two of pH, ORP, conductivity/TDS/Salinity, dissolved oxygen
  • A range of other specialist testing equipment